Is it true the westboro baptist freaks think that misha collins is the antichrist?

Well, this is the first time I’ve heard about the Westboro Baptist church thinking that. Though I’m guessing you may be talking about this:


However, if you visit Misha Collins’ wikipedia page it clearly states that his occupation is Actor, not Antichrist.

where have you been all my life?

Locked in a basement, but everything is fine now because I escaped


Misha Collins: The Overlord

New Links

I made a few adjustments on this blog so that (hopefully) it’s easier to view.


Memes Only

I added this link so that you can scroll through and look at the blog without having to go through a bunch of answered asks to get to the actual memes, which brings us to…

Answered Questions

Which is basically the complete opposite of the link above it…so you can view the answered asks without the interruption of memes.

Minion Mind Control

Now the links to the minion mind control videos can be found easily. The link to the original video works. I’m not sure about the other ones either they’re not working or my computer is just being slow.

Also, if you’re looking at the older memes the ones that don’t have a link to the source and want to know where the idea for a certain meme came from then just ask, I’ll be happy to find it for you though most of the older ones are from his twitter.

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where have you been all my life?! this is perfect ! love U!

locked up in a cage but they couldn’t keep me there forever


This blog can cure cancer!

we must tell the medical community at once!

ermygard. I found this blog like, 1 hour ago and since then I have done nothing but just go to the end of time and back looking at these memes. The only thing I can think of now is MISHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. HE IS JUST SO PERF AND I CANT. TIME TO MAKE A TWITTER SO I CAN PROPERLY WORSHIP THE OVERLORD

yes, THAT IS A GOOD IDEA, I’m pretty sure the real reason twitter was created was so Misha Collins could make an account to keep track of his minions

guys I swear I’ll make more memes I won’t just sit there and only answer asks for the rest of eternity

My reaction to your blog. It is AWESOME (submitted by youve-been-coulsoned)

my reaction to your reaction

My reaction to your blog. It is AWESOME (submitted by youve-been-coulsoned)

my reaction to your reaction

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